Professional Services

ADCbit provides hardware configuration services, helps with firmware and software upgrades, platform migration, installation, security audits, planning and network management.

We support Cisco, Juniper core routers and also other equipment like network aggregation, access and CPE.

Hardware configuration services

We care that all the equipment we deliver 100% passes our Quality Assurance Process and is always ready to deploy, by default we bring all equipment you receive to a factory default state, just like new equipment is delivered by manufacturer.

Above that we can add our services and pre-configure equipment - we can load customer’s configuration files or create configuration files as requested, by this saving required time for installation.

For hardware and appliances whose manufacturer delivers open code and allows it’s modification we can customize software for individual requirements of the given network.

In order to achieve that we cooperate with experienced programmers ensuring success of the deployment.

Remote Technical Support

We offer Professional Services done by our Cisco certified engineers. We help with diagnostics of multilayer issues, troubleshooting and work on solving network issues. In case of emergency our engineers are available are available in any chosen service window.

On-site Tech Support

We can help you by sending our engineers to your datacenter location, to perform all the work on-site. Our qualified consultants are paid per day of work, this makes it a flexible option you can use any time without fixed costs per month.

By visiting your location you also don’t need to leave any open interface to access your network from outside, this can be better option than remote access because of network security policies.

Our engineers present on-site can help with with any type of network administration work like consulting network design issues, installation or de-installation, router or firewall configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, data migration, backup systems configuration or network security audit.

BGP configuration on Cisco and Juniper routers

We offer BGP configuration services via remote-access or on-site. We support any routers including Cisco ASR1000, ASR9000, GSR, 7600/6500 and Juniper MX routers.

In particular we can help you with:

  • Analyse of the RIPE database and advise you on how to achieve optimal routing,
  • Starting of 2 BGP sessions with ISPs and set the right load balancing for these,
  • Setting up NAT correctly / setting up routing inside LAN,
  • Setting correct prefixes filtering,

All that work can be done remotely within the given timeframe for router administration.

Firewall configuration (Cisco ASA and Juniper SRX)

We provide consulting for network design and solution choice, provide hardware, set alarms, configure VPN tunnels.

Cisco CMTS configuration

We provide configuration services for Cisco CMTS like uBR7246VXR, uBR10012, and cBR-8 platforms and other specialized CATV equipment.

PON networks/hardware configuration and firmware upgrade

Besides hardware delivery we provide additional services to help you install, configure, maintain and manage your PON network.

We offer firmware upgrade and testing for ZTE C300, C300 and current ONU models, Huawei current OLT and ONU models.

Additionally we also perform remote configuration services for OLT and ONU in lab environment and also provide help with troubleshooting and maintenance work of GPON systems in production.

Since every network and set of requirements may be different every professional service request will be processed individually, please ask us for the possible options.