About us

ADCbit, founded in 2013 in the Netherlands, is customer-centred IT infrastructure delivery and maintenance partner for telecom and enterprise clients worldwide.

We put our clients first. Our vision is to become our client’s most trusted supplier by providing optimal choice for hardware and solutions purchase and maintenance.

By staying vendor-independent we are loyal to our clients and not manufacturers. We provide wide portfolio of IT solutions, offer variety of choices across different brands and technology platforms.


Our values

  • We are dedicated to our customer’s success.
  • We deliver on promise.
  • We place honesty above profits.
  • We keep things simple.
  • We are ready to go the extra mile to ensure your project’s success.

Why shall I choose ADCbit?

We Get IT Done For You

With us you get your delivery ready to deploy, on time, within budget.

You avoid all the risks of buying hardware like hidden extra costs and costly delays of project start.

With us you can be less dependent on your vendor representative, you can easier compare alternative technology options and maintain your new or End-Of-Life hardware.

You receive variety of options to choose from - depending on project requirements, starting from new high-end solutions to budget choices like refurbished hardware.

You can trust us – we buy from legitimate sources only and store all the serial numbers of the hardware we have ever sold.


All hardware you receive is 100% tested and ready to deploy. During our Quality Assurance process we care that all the hardware you purchase works as good as new.

Shall you require any technical assistance - our highly certified technicians are ready to help you.

You are protected against all the risks and costs – our industry leading warranty stands for it.

Cost savings

You always receive best price, up to 95% off manufacturer’s price lists without any sacrifice on quality.

You receive support for your End-Of-Life hardware and skip costly vendor-forced upgrade programs.

You can sell your old equipment and ensure minimal net cost of hardware upgrade.

Fast delivery

Equipment we have in stock we can deliver for next business day to any place in Europe.

We are independent from manufacturers, also from the officially declared lead-times and we ensure fastest possible delivery time. In case of emergency or when cost of a project delay plays a key role we can deliver faster, saving image of your company and/or the success of the project.

Industry best warranty

We are convinced we deliver quality hardware only, so all our hardware is covered with Limited Lifetime Warranty*. This is the best warranty in the industry!

* Refers to Cisco i Juniper hardware (enterprise/telecom class) and optical modules.